Nokia Lumia 530: Nokia Working on Nokia Lumia 525 and 520 Successor Leaked as Nokia Rock?

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A simple leak that notable phone leaker @evleaks recently shared on the social networking site Twitter sparked speculations that the Finnish smartphone manufacturer could already be working on the Nokia Lumia 530 or also codenamed the "Nokia Rock." The new Windows Phone handset is anticipated to be an affordable device descendant of the Nokia Lumia 525 and 520.

The WinBeta report pointed out the features and specs that device enthusiasts expect in the Nokia Lumia 530 smartphone. The Nokia Lumia 530 is expected to be less bulky, have more RAM, enhanced screen resolution and run on the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. "The 'Rock' code-name does circle around music; one assuring thing is that Nokia is working on something interesting," the report noted.

Improvements on the smartphone processor and camera were suggested as well even though the screen size remains the same with the Nokia Lumia 520 and 525 handsets. The Digital Trends report further claimed that Nokia should get their work on the Nokia Lumia 530 right in order for their high sales to carry on with the pricing scheme on the reported Nokia device dictating whether it will be a success or not.

However, other details on the Nokia Lumia 530 were not revealed. The Finnish company did not give any comment to confirm the existence of the Windows Phone handset or announce the schedule of an event where they could officially introduce the device.

The Microsoft Build conference on Wednesday, April 2, is expected to be the affair where the Windows Phone 8.1 will be officially introduced along with the Nokia handsets based on the new software. Previous reports have already teased about the other approaching Nokia lineup that includes the Nokia Lumia 630 and 635 or also called the "Moneypenny" as well as the Nokia Lumia 930 or the Nokia Martini.

The Nokia Lumia 530 smartphone is expected to have enhancements from the Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone handset features and specs. The Nokia Lumia 520 has a 4-inch IPS LCD screen display with 800x480p resolution, the 1GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8227 mobile processor, a 5MP rear-facing camera and the Adreno 305 GPU.

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