Nokia Lumia 530 Leaked Photos: Price, Five Features to Anticipate

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Nokia Lumia 530 Dual-Sim Receives Federal Communications Commission Certification: New Images Leaked Online, Price and Specs Speculations
Trade union representatives and Nokia employees unfold banners during a protest denouncing plans to cut jobs at the Berlin branch of the Finnish technology firm, in front of the building of Nokia in Berlin June 16, 2014. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

American multinational corporation Microsoft is set to get more colourful with the rumoured entry-level smart phone Nokia Lumia 530 which will be the successor of Nokia Lumia 520 and 525 units. 

Several Web sites mentioned that leaked photos of the smart phone already appeared in Chinese social media. GSM Arena mentioned that the sim-free unit of the smart phone will carry a tag price of US$179 which translates to $191 in Australia.

Here are five features to anticipate on the new flagship phone in the Nokia Lumia range.

Dual Sim Capability

According to VR Zone, Nokia Lumia 530 will have dual sim slots which will allow smart phone users in the target countries to simultaneously use two numbers from two different carriers without the need to carry two different mobile phones. 

Large Display

Digital Spy stated that Nokia Lumia 530 will have 4.3-inch display which is few notches bigger than the 4-inch screen in Nokia Lumia 520. With this feature, smart phone users will be able to see clearly the texts, callers, photos, and other information displayed on their smart phone screens. 

Updated OS

GSM Arena cited that Nokia Lumia 530 will likely run on Microsoft's latest operating system, the Windows 8.1. With this operating system, smart phone users can be able to keep in touch with family and friends, take photo, personalise the tiled home screen, get apps, play music and games, search for places, work on the go, make calls, and protect their info from their Windows phone.

On-Screen Keys

Various Web sites have also mentioned that Nokia Lumia 530 will come with virtual on-screen keys unlike the physical buttons fund in the Nokia Lumia 520 and 525 units. With this feature, smart phone users will have easier time navigating through the various parts of their smart phone units.

Great Processor

The above-mentioned sources also stated that Nokia Lumia 530 will reportedly have Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset along with 512MB of RAM. Given this feature for an entry level, smart phone users will be able to perform different tasks like browsing the internet, playing games, or reading texts with ease. 

To see the leaked photos of Nokia Lumia 530, please visit GSM Arena by clicking here

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