Nokia Lumia with 41MP Camera Sensor

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The Nokia Lumia 920 has been recognised as one of the most innovative smartphones in 2012 and included to that recognition is the camera capability installed on the device. While it may be a great when it comes to snapshots and video recording, Nokia Lumia 920 will not suffice aspiring photographers due to its low megapixel rate.

The Nokia 808 PureView, on the other side, means game changing when defining what is a camera phone truly is. The Nokia 808 PureView features 41-megapixels of camera which captures unusually crisp images and crystal-clear HD videos even though it is just a phone.

The device is powered by Carl Zeiss optics with capabilities to capture photos in almost all kinds of lighting conditions, quick snapping, and pixel-perfect zooming. While the camera it sports holds glory, it runs the departed operating system Symbian and Nokia now uses Windows Phone as its front OS platform.

Nokia + PureView + Windows Phone are equals to the upcoming Nokia Lumia EOS. The rumoured device will sport 41-megapixels camera which is assumed to be released on summer in the United States.

This speculated Lumia EOS is the Windows counterpart of the Nokia 808 PureView and will use the process called by Nokia oversampling. It uses the high resolution of the image sensor to capture more image details and then restored back into a lower-resolution capture.

The combination of the Lumia technology, Windows Phone 8 impressive high-contrast display, and the same image sensory used by 808 PureView will definitely boost up Nokia to get points and killing strike against the devices from its rivals, Samsung, Google, Apple, and now the returning BlackBerry.

No confirmation yet about this Nokia Lumia EOS date of release, overall specifications, and other special features. Nokia also did not release any comment right now but maybe at upcoming Mobile World Congress in March the company may surprise techies.

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