Nokia Lumia 1820: Windows Phone Handset to Be Officially Unveiled at the 2014 Mobile World Congress?

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Several smartphone manufacturers are expected to announce their upcoming devices at the fast approaching 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC). One of the companies expected to make such announcement is the Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia with their latest smartphone range, the Nokia Lumia 1820, which features the Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 mobile operating system, according to the PCR report.

The Nokia Lumia 1820 smartphone is being plugged as the head of Nokia's other bunch of devices set to be announced at the much anticipated event. According to the DigiTimes report, the sources in Taiwan's handset supply chain reveal that Nokia Lumia 1820 is likely to be unveiled at the 2014 MWC along with the series of Windows Phone 8.1-based handsets that targets the high-end the entry-level segments.

The reported features and specs on the Nokia Lumia 1820 Windows Phone handset include the 5.2-inch QHD screen display 2560x1440p resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and the 3400mAh battery that can last for an entire day's utilization on the device.

The Ubergizmo report further claims another impressive feature may be introduced together with the Nokia Lumia 1820. The Windows Phone handset feature is anticipated to be the voice assistant from Microsoft that has been given the codename "Cortana."  

The DigiTimes report further added the other entry-level smartphones set to be unveilied at the 2014 MWC. One of the devices expected to appear include the Nokia Lumia 1520V which is a 4.45-inch variant of the Nokia Lumia 1520 flagship.  

"The Windows Phone 8.1-based 1520V will have a smaller 4.45-inch screen and 14-megapixel camera," the unnamed sources noted. The insiders further revealed that another device to be put on display at the event is the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1525.

"Nokia should be able to ramp up its smartphone shipments to over 10 million units a quarter after its handset unit is officially incorporated into Microsoft in the first quarter of the year," the sources estimated in the report.

The 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC) will take place from February 24 (Monday) to February 27 (Thursday). The event will be held once again at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain.  

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