Nokia Lumia 1320 Gets 75 Hours Endurance Test on Talk Time, Web and Playback; LG G Flex Wins Video Playback Time

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Nokia Lumia 1320 boasts of 3,400 mAh battery and it was given 75 hours endurance rating even if the device features 6-inches of screen, not so latest Snapdragon processor and 720p display resolution.

GSMArena tested the battery performance of Nokia Lumia 1320 and tagged with 75 hours endurance rating after passing talk time, Web browsing and video playback endurance tests.


Lumia 1320 sports 6.0-inches of screen display, 720p resolution, 1 GB of RAM and Snapdragon S4 processor which lacks better power management than Snapdragon 800. But Nokia did really good on combining appropriate screen display, reasonable resolution and just the right hardware components for good performance and longer battery life than most smartphones.

Talk Time

Under the 6" smartphone devices, Lumia 1320 faces a challenge with Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and the similar ones released by others such as Ascend Mate and Xperia Z Ultra. Based on the Talk Time test, Lumia 1320 beats Galaxy Mega 6.3's 19 hours with 28 hours using normal calls. In addition, Lumia 1320 also surpassed battery performances of Sony Xperia Z Ultra (24 hours) and HTC One Maxx (22 hours).

Web Browsing

Nokia used IPS LCD with ClearBlack HD display on the 6-inches screen of Lumia 1320 which performs decent on Web page loading and browsing. However, HTC One Max lasts longer with 11 hours of online browsing compared to ten hours of Lumia 1320. But for such large screen that drains considerable amount of power, it manages to beat Apple's iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 which lasts for more than nine hours only.

Video Playback

Lumia 1320 only boasts of 720p HD resolution which delivers good viewing on images and videos while keeping power demands on the right level. For video playback, Lumia 1320 stands out the 8 hours endurance of Sony Xperia Z Ultra with at least 9 hours. However, Lumia 1320 wouldn't last longer compared to LG G Flex, performing video playback of up to 19 hours on full throttle which also features 720p HD resolution. Nokia could do some improvements on app battery demands for Lumia 1320 holds some secret on power management.

Lumia 1320 may not win on smartphones with lesser display sizes or in terms of maximum app usage using the Internet or video playback. Yet it still endures fairly strong on standby time, talk time, SMS time and other simple tasks which could make it last for one to three days tops.

For these reasons, it was rated with 75 hours of endurance rating enough for users to enjoy most functionalities on the phone with worrying constantly about battery life during the entire day.

Nokia Battery Information

Battery Capacity

3400 mAh



Maximum Standby time

28 days

Maximum talk time on 2G

25 hours

Maximum talk time on 3G

21 hours

Maximum music playback time

98 hours

Maximum video playback time

9 hours

Maximum Wi-Fi Internet browsing

11.5 hours

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