Nokia Goes Against Sony Xperia Z1s with Lumia 1520 Mini

By @peevesky on

Nokia has been strengthening its line of phones for the past year. The company has been successful with the release of the Lumia series. Instead of just competing with the OS and design features, Nokia has capitalised on the device's camera making it a standout in the market. The company was able to differentiate itself from other smartphone offerings. For the new year, recent reports say that Nokia wants to go against the Xperia line releasing a Lumia 1520 Mini. Can Nokia deliver?

Previously, the trend among smartphone manufacturers is to provide different coloured variants of their devices. This time, another trend seems to be brewing up. More and more companies are creating miniature versions of their devices. Apple started this with its iPad series. This time, Nokia wants a mini version of its Nokia Lumia line.

Samsung is also another example of this trend along with HTC. With Samsung offering mini versions of its range of devices, Nokia appears to think that it can bank on the same strategy. Mini variants appeal to a specific sector in the market. It might increase the sales value and appeal of the brand if it will offer more than one variant of its Lumia line, according to analysts.

According to recent reports, Nokia will release the Lumia 1520 Mini to compete with Xperia Z1s. Companies mostly provide mini variants of their devices to cater to users who wish more power on their devices but are not willing to carry the extra length or weight. Some people are not comfortable with the idea of carrying 5- to 6-inch handset.

The mini models are often less than 5 inches but offer similar power as their large counterparts. The Lumia 1520 Mini will be small. It will measure around 4.3 inches with 1,080p HD resolution and touch screen display. The device will also feature 2 GB RAM and 3,000 mAh battery. This will ensure longer battery life.

The rear camera will be a 14-MP PureView model. Nokia is best known for its camera software. People should expect a good camera and software combination despite the smaller variant. However, because of the scaled down design, the device will not feature a microSD card slot support.

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