Nokia Can Bet on the Lumia 620 to Further Shore up its Recovery

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Nokia is opening up new market fronts for the Lumia 620, hoping to stumble on fresh revenue sources by bringing the Lumia-flavoured Windows Phone 8 handsets to wider audience reach.

And the firm aims to tickle interests by asking less than $US300 for the Lumia 620, from which consumers will be given entry to the Microsoft ecosystem without paying too much.

Android proved effective using that ploy and Nokia is gunning to replicate and stretch that model. The struggling company has good chances of breaking some path, carving a number of niches and improve on them.

Nokia enjoys considerable advantage in this respect, BGR News said, mainly because the Lumia 620 is some notches above the competition - the WP8 handset packs respectable specs compared to the nearest competition.

Added bonus is affordability. To date, the Lumia 620 roll out in Asian markets saw the mobile phone assuming prices no more than $US375 from Thailand to Malaysia, with Nokia effectively keeping a lid on the $US300 threshold.

The company, still grappling to piece together its recovery map, must thread on the same road in the months ahead if it wants to steady its good start for 2013, BGR said.

Recent reports indicated that Nokia is picking up steam thanks Lumia 920, which delivered adequate figures for the company in Q4 2012, greatly improving on the lacklustre charts it has been presenting in the previous quarters.

Analysts wonder is Nokia has started gaining the needed traction and probably the momentum it requires for an upright surge starting Q1 2013. The company would love to think so but it admitted that the road ahead poses more challenges than encouragement. Competition is tough and consumers are not in the mood for large-scale gadget upgrades.

It might be true that the environment signals some difficulties, BGR said, but Nokia can take advantage of the gap. The majors like Apple and Samsung are not expected to push for big launches until the late part of Q2 or Q3 this year.

Within that serenity, Nokia can softy pitch for consumers to consider the affordable Lumias and throw in too the profitable Asha phones. Target the emerging markets like China, India and Russia then the South East and Middle East regions to establish the Nokia foothold in Asia. Then move on to Europe for that global push.

It is a high possibility, given that Nokia makes the right move, that the company will realise quarterly Lumia sales of at least 10 million units, BGR said, adding that central to this projected success is the Lumia 620.

The company, however, must start digging in right now when others are still preparing for their respective market launches, the tech side said.

By the time the tech market scene heats up in the second half of 2013, Nokia is at least safely ensconced for further recovery goals.

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