'Nod Bluetooth Ring' Will Control All Personal Devices In the Future: Specs and Release Details [VIDEO]

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A new gadget is added to the gesture-control device line up this year. "The Nod" ring promises to control computers, smartphones, "Google glass", and other appliances.

Touted by tech experts to be "the one Bluetooth ring to rule them all", the Nod ring boasts of the capability to wirelessly control most modern devices. It is a Bluetooth-enabled gesture controller that connects to a smartphone to perform many input-based tasks by using the natural strokes of the finger. The ring's capabilities also extend to other smart and Internet-connected devices. According to CNET and other tech enthusiasts, it is like having a universal remote for almost everything that fits comfortably in the user's finger.

So many possibilities surround the Nod ring's functions for everyday navigation at home, office, or play and leisure.

When at the very comforts of home, users can control the personal computer and television completely. It can be used like a mouse to navigate the computer's desktop, and type documents and notes without touching the device. Also, searching and switching TV channels can be done in the swipe of a finger from 10 feet away. When in bed, the Ring can also adjust the temperature dial of the thermostat without the user leaving an already comfortable resting position.

At work, the ring also promises to be efficient. It can be used on presentations like a laser-pointer, and as well as turn from page to page during team discussions. When presenting videos, users can also seamlessly turn off or dim the room's lights with a wave of the hand.

For entertainment purposes, users can control audio shuffle, music volume, and play or pause without touching the smartphone or music player. The ring comes with a capacitive touch panel pointing inward the palm where controls for volume and other functions are found.

The Nod ring also boasts of great responsive accuracy that it can be used for games in smart phones or tablets.

The ring has a battery life of 24 hours usage and is housed in a waterproof black plastic casing. Recharging the device is done by placing it back in its holding case. The ring's size come in different sizes meant to fit for men and women. Pre-orders are now being accepted for the price of $149 which is expected for delivery September 2014.


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