Nod Bluetooth Ring: Five Reasons to Wait on Ultimate Gesture Tech

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Who would have thought that the simple ring many people slips into their fingers can now be used to control smart devices like laptops, smart mobile phone, and even smart television? With the buzz going on over the preselling of Nod Bluetooth ring, there are five reasons to wait for this ultimate gesture technology.

1. Nod Bluetooth ring extends a person's reach up to 30 feet away. According to Nod Labs, the company behind this gesture gadget, this gadget can seamlessly interact with the display devices around even as far as 10 feet away without the need to touch anything.  As the name suggests, this ring communicates via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in the absence of Bluetooth capability on smart devices.

 2. Nod Bluetooth ring replaces the need for other input devices. Mouse, keyboard, trackpad and other input devices need not be used anymore for Nod can function as the ultimate input device for not just one smart gadget but all other gadgets around the user.

 3. Nod Bluetooth ring lets one control the world with just a hand gesture. This tiny wearable gadget allows the user to take control of the smart television, laptop, or other presentation devices by transforming the airspace in front of the hand into a large touch exterior. It can also control temperatures on smart thermostat or even play different tunes from mobile phone or other smart audio players with just the simple hand movements. No need to draw out a remote control or press the smart gadgets' buttons.

 4. Nod Bluetooth ring has powerful capabilities inside its plain appearance. Beneath the seemingly normal ring appearance of this black-colored gesture technology are small programmable buttons with capacitive touch panels that can be enabled through iOS and Android apps. The ring's flat surface just needs to be worn inward facing the palm for it to function correctly.

 5. Nod Bluetooth ring is fit for people of all sizes. Whether extra large or petite, ladies or gents, can wear this ultimate gesture ring for it comes in 12 different sizes. Besides, it is water proof so there is no need to remove it when washing dishes or taking a bath. Since this ring has to be turned on all day long, there is just a need to keep the holding case handy in case the battery gets drained.

Nod Bluetooth ring starts preselling on Tuesday at $149 but the actual product will be shipped around fall. Despite some skepticism about this ultimate gesture technology, the reasons above-mentioned still makes techie people optimistic to wait on this product.

Watch the demo of Nod Bluetooth ring on Youtube video.

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