'Noah's' Douglas Booth: 'A Cross Between 'Star Wars' And 'Matrix', Says On 'Jupiter Ascending' Movie

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Douglas Booth, who starred in "Noah" alongside Emma Watson, and who played Romeo in the 2013 adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet", sat down with InStyle to talk about his upcoming move "Jupiter Ascending". The 21-year old Burbery model dished out about his role as Titus in "Jupiter Ascending" and how it was like working with two famous celebrities, Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis.

Douglas was asked by InStyle how it was like working with Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum, to which the star said they are the coolest people in the planet, Tatum being the biggest dude. He recalled that while reclining on the hair-and-makeup chair, Tatum would send him links from the internet to check out. Tatum even told him jokingly that he is just a big redneck and not a big star.

Douglas plays the role of Titus in "Jupiter Ascending". His character lives in a whole different universe, which he attributed to be a cross between "Star Wars" and "The Matrix". He belongs to a dynasty or a tycoon, and when his mother passes away, the inheritance was left up for grabs. Mila Kunis happens to be related to his mother in some strange way. In the movie, Douglas said they live on battleships, which he described were like yachts but just in space. Douglas was mum on whether he will be playing a villain or not.

"Jupiter Ascending" is an epic sci-fi adventure created from the minds of Lana and Andy Wachowski, the same creators of "The Matrix". Douglas flew from London, where he lives, to Los Angeles to meet the creators. He admitted that even though he is a huge "Matrix" fan, it was still so nerve racking during the audition. The good thing was, it turned out they were big fans of Dickens, and Booth had just recently finished his work on BBC's "Great Expectations". Also the Royal Wedding was going on in London, so in a way it helped ease the nervousness as they had a lot to talk about afterwards.

"You're going to walk into that room and be that character," he had told himself then during the audition. Booth was set on getting the role of Titus early on since he auditioned for it three years ago.

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Douglas Booth Interviewed on Movies "Noah" and "Jupiter Ascending"

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