‘Noah’ Star Emma Watson Almost Made Daniel Radcliffe Cry, Actress Revealed She is Qualified Yoga Instructor

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Emma Watson in Backless Ralph Lauren gown.
IN PHOTO: Cast member Emma Watson arrives for the UK premiere of "Noah", Leicester Square, London, March 31, 2014. REUTERS

"Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe was almost reduced to tears thanks to Emma Watson who pulled a prank on him during April Fool's Day. The "Noah" star told her long-time friend that his favourite band had split when they were filming the epic fantasy movie.

The 24-year-old Brit is a huge fan of rockers The Libertines and when Emma told him that they split up he recalled of being close to tears. "Emma Watson, when I was like 14, told me that one of my favourite bands had broken up. It was like, really early in the morning so I hadn't even got that it was April 1st yet...," Radcliffe fondly recalls in his recent interview with Express.

"I was a fan of this band called the Libertines, who were very fractious and they might have broken up at any point, and she came in and went, 'It's happened, it's finally happened!" he added. But she just had to immediately say, 'No, no, no, it's a joke, it's April Fool's', because I didn't cry, but my face was like, ashen... My lip quivered, definitely!"

Fronted by Carl Barat and Pete Doherty, The Libertines is a famous UK band that split up in 2004 and reunited in 2010. So Watson was right all along, her announcement came just way too early before the band decided to part ways.

Emma Watson as a Yoga Instructor

Known as one of Hollywood's most successful young actress, Emma Watson will soon complete her studies at the prestigious Brown University and just recently she revealed that she is a qualified yoga instructor.

Everyone wonders how she got the time to train as a yoga instructor but the young actress managed to get certified in both yoga and meditation. Now busy promoting her new movie "Noah," Watson revealed in the latest interview with Elle Australia May edition that she plans of honing her yoga skills and to follow her other passions.

"When I finish my degree, I will have a lot more time to pursue other passions, and I want to figure out what those will be," says 23-year-old actress in an interview with Wonderland magazine. "I love having something completely unrelated to the film industry. I want to find something that will let me use my brain in another way.

"I love painting, so maybe I hone in on that and do more art classes? Or maybe something different. I'm a board two certified qualified yoga instructor," she added.

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