No Surgeries: Surgeon Claims Human Doll, Valeria Lukyanova is "the Real Deal" [PHOTOS]

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Those who have studied her photos say that human doll, Valeria Lukyanova, has not undergone any surgeries to achieve her "Barbie" look.

An article posted earlier today featured various comments from doctors, editors from a reputable fashion magazine, and fans on whether Valeria Lukyanova's doll look is "god-given" or a result of many plastic surgery procedures.

The Ukrainian internet sensation claims that she achieves her look through heavily detailed make-up artistry and hours of mastering a doll's facial expression.

Even V Magazine, who recently featured Valeria on their pages, says that her look is a result of highly trained make-up skills and control. They are not the only ones claiming that Valeria's looks are naturally enhanced.

Based on what he sees, a plastic surgeon practicing in California suggests that there is no amount of work done on Valeria.

"Judging from the available photos and especially from the video of the makeup transformation, most likely Lukyanova has not had any significant plastic surgery on her face," says Dr. Boris Akerman in the post.

"She might have had some lip injections, but the remarkable Barbie like appearance of her face is due to theatrical make up application and facial muscle training to achieve the 'Barbie' appearance." added Akerman.

Akerman has never treated, nor seen Lukyanova in person, which makes Valeria's followers think that his statements do not automatically exclude the possibility of plastic surgery. Many suggest that she either denies her various trips to a surgeon's table or alters her photos with the help of a software.

 "This girl is a fraud. She had been badly Photoshopping her photos since the beginning of her time online." types an anonymous follower on

What do you think? Is Valeria living a lie or is she that good in applying make-up? View one of her tutorial videos here.

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