No Samsung Galaxy S4 Showcase at the CES 2013 in January

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Samsung's upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, will miss out the CES 2013 is Las Vegas next month despite recent hints from the South Korean tech giant that it is working on 'Something New' that will be unveiled in the early months of Q1 2013, reports said.

All hopes that the world will finally get a glimpse of the Galaxy S3 via the January tech showcase in the Sin City were quashed by reports from CNET that instead of the S4, Samsung will introduce other products at the yearly gathering.

Citing its unnamed sources, CNET reported that Samsung is likely to regale the CES crowd with its new lines of television, opting to unwrap any new plans for mobile gadgets on a separate event.

Samsung would want to draw more attention for the new Galaxy S4, which it intends to do by hosting an exclusive event to highlight its arrival, following in the same fashion that Apple, Google and Microsoft were pushing out new creations, CNET said.

The move definitely makes sense, the tech site added, as it could prove too early to steal the thunder out of the bestselling S3, which in the last quarter not only chalked up more than 30 million unit sales but also outpaced Apple's iPhone as the world's bestselling smartphone.

The S3 remains a cash cow for Samsung and it's counterproductive to push out its new sibling too soon, tech experts said.

Regardless, the Galaxy S4 has already generated tons of speculation and attention, which were reminiscent of the buzz that the iPhone has previously inspired every time a new version is nearing the launch date.

The new handset is almost certainly a commercial hit, market analysts said, its specs likely to carry significant upgrades from the last edition such as a more powerful quad-processor, more generous RAM, higher storage capacity, better Super AMOLED display technology at 1080p and the latest version of Android JellyBean.

Galaxy fans also hope that the S4 will have a much solid built but a report from Reuters recently strongly suggested that Samsung is aiming past that goal. The new phone, and all the other Galaxy handsets in the pipeline, will be deployed with unbreakable and bendable screen, the news agency said.

The same Reuters report suggested too that the Galaxy S4 will hit global markets by April 2013, which pointed to the likelihood that the device will be formally uncloaked between the months of February and March.

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