No Peeping Toms Allowed in Sunday's Sydney Skinny Nude Ocean Swim for Environment (VIDEOS)

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The capital city of New South Wales will hold on Sunday its second Sydney Skinny, a nude ocean swim, at Cobblers Beach. However, to ensure that the noble intention of the organisers to gather more support for conservation rather than be an eye candy feast for the curious and those with carnal intentions, it would be a private ticket-only event.

This is to ensure that spectators as well as Peeping Toms would not be allowed in the premise as swimmers remove their clothes on the shore and run from the beach into the water in their birthday suit.

There are two types of swim - untimed 300- or 900-metre swim in flat water. Flippers and flotation devices are permitted.

Upon coming out of the water, a sarong will be given to the swim participants to ensure their private body parts are covered.

Nigel Marsh, co-founder of Earth Hour, established Sydney Skinny in 2013. Besides its aim to spread the gospel of conservation, it also targets to inculcate self-acceptance, that not only people with lifeguard body proportions could skinny dip.

Mr Marsh disclosed that in the 2013 event, among the participants were an 89-year-old foreigner, four paraplegics, a double amputee, fat and thin people as well as young and old folks.


The beneficiary of Sydney Skinny 2014 is the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife which would get all proceeds from the swim.  Representatives of the foundation will be around to help raise awareness to their cause.

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