No Nexus 6 2014 Release Date as LG Confirms Google Nexus 5 Sequel is Dead – Reports

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If a Google Nexus 6 release date is in the pipeline anytime soon, LG would have known by now - that is if the maker of Nexus 4 and 5 is the anointed one.

But as far as the South Korean device manufacturer is concerned, the Nexus 6 project, which ought to be replacing the Nexus 5 launched in 2013, remains up in the air or even dead. According to Ken Hong, LG communications director, there is no indication yet from Google that the next Nexus is being produced or even planned at this time.

Hong's statement was first published by Dutch publication Draad Breuk, Phone Arena said in a report. The declaration is also aligned with earlier reports that the Nexus tablet and smartphone lines are headed for extinction - to be replaced by high-end devices under the Google Android Silver undertaking.

In confirming that LG is not working on a likely Nexus 6 that is rumoured to be patterned after the company's flagship LG G3, Hong explained that he has no knowledge of any ongoing or planned projects that point to the creation of the next Nexus smartphone.

The LG executive, however, allowed that two possible scenarios are building up and one is LG has been bumped off from the Nexus project following the company's handling of the manufacturing duties for the Nexus 4 and 5.

Or the contract has been awarded to a different company but the LG official appears clueless who could have replaced his company from Google's grace.

One candidate that comes to mind is Motorola, which is a Google division but will soon morph into a Lenovo property. Lenovo too is a likely Nexus 6 assembler as Google's deal with the Chinese firm will make the Internet search giant part-owner of the PC maker.

But if indeed LG is out of the Nexus 6 project and the handset remains a possibility, the most suitable builder would be Taiwan-based HTC, analysts said. The HTC One maker should get the consideration as earlier reports suggest that it will make the high-specced 8.8-inch Nexus 8.

It makes good business sense that if the final Nexus offerings would be the Nexus 6 and Nexus, Google would want one company to take charge of the project for maximum efficiency.

Regardless, LG appears unfazed by the Google snub as the previous Nexus phone models have been sold at cost, BGR said in a report. That would mean there is not too much financial gain if the device remains on LG stable or financial loss if it slips away.

Still, Android fans are hopeful that the Nexus 6 release date will materialise in the months ahead following the Google I/O Developers Conference that kicks off June 24 next week, likely with the usual high-end components and killer features packed with Android 4.5.

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