No More Tiles in Windows 8 For Laptops

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No more tiles in Windows 8 for laptops. Microsoft has huge changes in Windows 8. At its recent Build Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft has announced several changes to the Window 8 operating system hoping to improve user's experience on desktops and laptops.

The biggest change is computers with keyboards will get rid of the tiles look with Windows 8. These will have traditional desktop computing environment instead - an acknowledgement on Microsoft's part that its attempt to make Windows has the tablet interface look that does not work.

The tile-based appearance of Windows 8 puzzled many people who were used to Windows-based PC. It was a huge turn off, leading to the decline of PC sales. After installing the updates that Microsoft is rolling out, Windows 8.1 will give user options to activate the features. Microsoft said it will not force people on anything new they do not like.

New products from Microsoft licensees will have these new settings take effect automatically.

According to Microsoft Executive Joe Belfiore in February, most users with touchscreen laptops choose to have the tile interface while those without touchscreens prefer the Windows 7-style desktop. Microsoft is now doing anything to bolster PC sales which are falling by double digit percentages due to changes users were reluctant to accept.

The tile's look is not given up completely though. Even before this update, Windows 8.1 already had the option for users to boot to traditional desktop instead of the tile menu. The start screen already has the search bar and power button for more convenience. In the tile-based screen, right-clicking a tile offers some actions a user would want to do.

Microsoft also allows users to organize apps like they can with Windows 7 through the task bar.

For those who do not like the tile-based menu on their desktop or laptop, Microsoft teases the screen with old Start menu and contemporary style Windows 8 apps to run in the Window mode. These are features coming later this year. The Windows 8 look and feel were not totally dumped. Apps coming from the Windows Store will lead to a full screen. But if you move the mouse up to the top, the system will prompt a menu bar to drop down plus exit and minimize buttons.

A Windows 8 app will go to the taskbar if you minimize it. Right click and it will give options either to pin it there or make it more handy within the environment bearing the style of Windows 7.

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