No More Shiny Back Covers on Nexus 4’s Latest Deliveries

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The second batch of Nexus 4 deliveries has reached their end destinations and many were elated that the choke on Google's supply chain seems to be freeing up. But one gripe appears to be emerging - the 'glitter effect' on the phone's back cover was nowhere to be found.

"The LG Nexus 4 now doesn't seem to glitter like the earlier batch. No matter what angle you hold it at or lighting conditions, it seems to have lost the glitter effect," said in a report.

The same blog report claimed that a number of Nexus 4 owners, who recently received their 'non-sparkling' units, reported what looked like as intended production alteration on the part of LG, which was exclusively contracted by Google to manufacture the now popular but elusive smartphone.

Note that the back portion of Nexus 4 is made of glass material, which leaves a classy finish to the affordable handset. However, Android fans are worried that the rear material is too fragile for a smartphone that is generally praised not only for its powerful features but also for its rock-solid build.

Could it be that Google noticed the potential hole and instructed LG to plug it by using a more sturdy glass back cover, making the Nexus 4 more robust to withstand intended and unintended abuse?

But with added shield against wear and tear, LG figured that new Nexus 4 owners would not mind the slight change, which Phandroid said in a report "could actually be a good thing."

With the shimmering back now gone, Nexus 4 fans are at least comforted by the fact that accidental cracking of the back cover is a thing of the past. That is a compromise that is easily acceptable, Android experts said.

But be warned, Android Community said in a report. If indeed Google and LG agreed to some manufacturing adjustments it doesn't necessarily follow that better durability is deployed with the second batch of Nexus 4 deliveries.

Forum posters on XDA Developers suggested that the different material points to a change of source manufacturer on LG's part. Or the South Korean tech firm is simply feeling the heat coming from Google that its ramped up efforts of rolling out Nexus 4 in time are producing some downsides.

Regardless, the Google smartphone remains a hot sell, with or without the glisten on its back cover, and as of Jan 2 the handset is listed as 'out-of-stock' in Google Play store, with the prospect of restocks still a remote possibility, according to Droid Life.

For now, global buyers will have to take Google's word, issued last month, which pledged of normal shipping for the Nexus 4 beginning the initial weeks (or months) of 2013.

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