No More Nexus 7 and 10, Nexus 6 Successor Android LG Silver Release in February 2015

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Google will reportedly scrap the Nexus program for a more Android-specific line called Silver. The first product in line will be an LG-made smartphone to be released February 2015. Can the Silver line be better than the Nexus line? What can people expect from the first LG Silver smartphone? 

According to notorious tipster @evleaks (via 9to5Google), Google may release the Android Silver Program next year. The information came from the tipster's tweet saying that Google has come into terms with launching Nexus smartphones and that it plans to introduce "a silver lining to this cloud." Throughout the years, @evleaks has been a reliable source of information including tips and leads for upcoming tech products. 

This is also not the first time that Google will reportedly be pulling the plug of its Nexus line. Eldar Murtazin, a Russian tech bloger, previously tweeted about Google's move to slash the Nexus program as well. The switch from the Nexus program to the Silver line will be Google's way of delivering a purer version of the Android line. 

Throughout the years, the Google has always been faced with fragmentation problems among Android devices. This is because mostly following development of the Android OS, third party manufacturers and carriers tweak the OS depending on their devices and promotions. This hinders Google from delivering a consistent or unified Android experience. The Silver program will reportedly seek to address the fragmentation issue offering what Google truly want its Android OS to deliver. 

Apart from providing a purer Android experience, the Silver program will also signal the rebranding of the Google Play Edition devices. According to NDTV, the first in line to offer a Google Silver Android experience will LG. The company has been reportedly picked to produce a new Google Silver flagship smartphone running on Qualcomm MSM8994 SoC believed to be an octa-core Snapdragon 810 SoC. 

Tipster @evleaks tweeted another tip saying tht the LG device will be a "successor" to Google's Nexus 6 initiative. Google has not made any official announcements yet about the matter.

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