No Ice Bucket Challenge: Prostate Cancer Foundation Returns $6,000 Donated By Redditors Who Had Viewed Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence

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A Reddit user thought that he could replicate the success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in raising funds for a health issue by suggesting on Monday to other Redditors who had seen the nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence to donate money to charity.

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The recipient the Reddit user suggested is the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The rationale behind his choice of the foundation is that the Games of Throne star had supported battling prostate cancer in the past.

But it could be deduced that seeing Lawrence's hacked nude photos could lead to masturbation, which helps prevent prostate cancer.

One Reddit user copied the hacked image of the actress from 4Chan and created a subreddit titled The Fappening. Fapping is an Internet slang that refers to male masturbation.

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However, the foundation rejected the donation and returned all the funds raised ala-Ice Bucket Challenge. The foundation said, quoted by TIME, "We would never condone raising funds for cancer research in this manner. Out of respect for everyone involved and in keeping with our own standards, we are returning all donations that resulted from this post."

The fund drive was able to raise at least $6,000 until the foundation thumbed down the idea and returned the money to donors.

Meanwhile, Prostate Cancer UK made its own Nuts Challenge, also riding on the popularity of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


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