No Grounds for Deportation of Canadian Pop Star Justin Bieber

By @definemaych on

The petition for the deportation of the international Pop sensation Justin Bieber was signed by those who feel that the 19-year-old singer is a danger to the people of America because of his drug problems and other brushes with the law. The number of signatories in the said petition is increasing but there are still many who ask if this will really result to Bieber being kicked out of the United States.

The number of problems caused by the "Baby" singer included driving under the influence, charges of vandalism after egging his neighbor's house in Calabasas and being suspected of possessing marijuana and other related drugs. Apparently, he also was also resisting arrest after being caught drunk driving and was also found to be using an expired license. Many parents and concerned citizens feel that they are safe when this Pop star is out in the streets.

This is a massive decline in the Pop star's image, especially since teens and younger generations looked up to him. There is also a problem with assaulting a limousine driver but Bieber's lawyer claimed that he was innocent since it was another passenger who made the assault and not his client.

All these commotions with the name of Bieber attached have led to thousands of people disliking the "Baby" singer as the number of signatures in the petition has already surpassed 100,000. This request to deport the said star may not be properly addressed for now as his crimes are still not punishable with such severity.

Apparently, the drunk-driving stint with expired license is not grounds for deportation, according to the Daily News, but crimes that include dealing with drugs, aggravated felonies and those involving moral turpitude are the ones that are deportable. Bieber is still safe for now but he needs to rethink his habit though, if he wants to get on the good side of more than 100,000 of individuals in the US again.

However, his legal battles still continue as there are already several charges against him that needs to be faced. His legal fees may be amounting to several thousand already and it might continue to increase if he goes on with his wild behavior.

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