No Delays on iPhone 6 Release Date as Apple Shifts Full A8 Chip Production from Samsung to TSMC – Report

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Most likely, the iPhone 6 will be previewed without delay and its release date right on schedule as Apple is reportedly awarding the full A8 chip production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), completely bumping off Samsung from the project.

The reason, according to MacRumors, is Samsung's low yield issues concerning the 20nm manufacturing process for the latest A-series CPU, which is expected to power Apple's upcoming iOS devices, bannered of source by the large-screen iPhone 6.

Samsung is now out as A8 chip supplier for the next iPhone to come out this 2014, said the same report, pointing to Taiwanese publication TechNews Taiwan as source.

It appears that Apple is making sure that no delays will hit its iPhone 6 production and release calendar and ending Samsung's A8 manufacturing duties will somehow that release date of the device will remain on track.

Previously, it was reported that TSMC and Samsung will share responsibilities in producing the 64-bit A8 processing chip with the former getting the bulk of the share - at around 70 per cent. But with the South Korean tech giant now out of the picture, as the report suggests, TSMC gets to gobble up the whole contract.

This setting, however, is only for the current year as the Galaxy maker is set to return in 2015 and take part in developing and manufacturing the A9 family of chips which will be using 14nm and 16nm processes. Samsung will work on the former while TSMC gets the rest.

Now the development indicates that preparations for the iPhone 6 market entry this year is in full swing as Apple starts to unleash series of campaigns that clears the way for the iPhone 5S successor.

One recent signal came from Apple retail partner Best Buy, which report said, is giving out discounts and gift cards to lure more buyers into taking its iPhone 5S stocks. As usual the case, attractive gadget deals are seen as marketing techniques to deplete existing inventories to make room for shipments that are arriving soon.

The iPhone 5S, in particular, is seeing lower prices these days and according to experts, the trend will only continue as launch date of the iPhone 6 approaches.

Apple is also swelling its global presence by opening Apple Stores in new markets, the latest of which is in Brazil. According to Business Insider, the iPhone 5S will debut in the country at whopping price of $1174 for the basic 16GB model.

All these hustle and bustle amount to a nearing iPhone 6 release date, which experts said would touchdown between May and July 2014 - that is if the Apple grand plan firms up for a much earlier gadget unveiling.

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