No Charge Against Drunken Intruder Who Broke in Canada Politician’s House

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau speaks to the media during the Federal Liberal summer caucus meetings in Edmonton
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau speaks to the media during the Federal Liberal summer caucus meetings in Edmonton August 20, 2014. REUTERS/Dan Riedlhuber

The 19-year-old man who broke in Canada politician Justin Trudeau's home would not be charged.

Ottawa police decided not to lay any charges against the man as admitted to entering Trudeau's house "by accident." According to the Ottawa Police Service, the man was drunk when he "entered the wrong home." Trudeau's family was sleeping when the break-in took place. The entry of the man was recorded in surveillance cameras. The footage was released, and the young man was quick to approach police to admit his mistake.

The man said that he had been heavily intoxicated. Staff Sgt. Kal Ghadban said that the man had claimed to be trying to enter his friend's residence. He apparently ended up in Trudeau's kitchen where he was tempted to steal kitchen knives. However, he decided against it and left a note instead to the owners, saying that they should lock doors. He left the note on the floor along with a few knives. According to Ghadban, it was his way of apologising. "There was a momentary thought process that before he left he would actually take some items with him, which was very short-lived. He immediately decided against that," he said.

Ottawa police said that the explanation given by the young man was satisfactory enough not to charge him for the intrusion. During the interrogation, he initiated to write a letter of apology to Trudeau and his family. Even though he was tempted for a brief moment to steal the kitchen knives, he did not take anything from the house. He did not even realise it was someone else's house until the surveillance video footage was released on Friday, Aug 22. The man was cautioned for his action.

Trudeau was not at home while the intrusion took place. The Liberal Party leader was out of town but his wife as well children were at home. The break-in, though proved not being threatening at this point, raised questions about the security system of Trudeau's residence. It has not been revealed by police if there is going to be stricter protection in his property.

Trudeau spokesperson Kate Purchase welcomed Ottawa Police's decision to close the case.

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