Nissan 'Self-Cleaning' Car: 5 Interesting Things to Know

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Car owners and drivers may soon bid goodbye to car washes. Nissan has recently unraveled the prototype of a "self-cleaning" car.

As the hype builds up for this exciting innovation of the Japanese giant car manufacturer, there are five interesting things to know on this latest automobile technology.

1. Nissan uses ultra-ever dry technology giving the self-cleaning mechanism of the automobile.  This technology capitalizes on nano-paint coating, where a water coat known as superhydrophobic coat and hydrocarbon paint known as oleophobic coat prevent liquids in oil- and water-based forms such as dirt, oil, mud and rain from sticking to the car. With this mechanism, car owners and drivers might not need to send their automobiles to the car wash anymore, as the vehicle can effectively clean itself.

2. Nissan is the primary automobile manufacturer to use the ultra-ever dry technology. As the company plans to offer this custom nano-paint technology as an aftermarket feature for its automobiles instead of making it a standard car feature. Currently, prototype testing shows this ultra-ever dry technology can respond well to different normal weather conditions such as standing water, snow, frost and sleet.

3. Nissan's "self-cleaning" car cuts high cost and labor requirements of a car wash. With the car's ability to "clean" itself when exposed to normal weather conditions, car owners and drivers can save both money and effort from getting a car wash and ditch the water, soap and sponge needed to wash the car themselves.

4. Nissan Versa Note is used as prototype to test the "self-cleaning" technology. Apart from enjoying the special features of this Nissan Versa note which went on sale from $13,990 to $5,990 recently, those who plan to upgrade their vehicle or buy a new car unit this year with the prototype unit may opt to have their vehicles painted with the ultra-ever dry technology instead of the standard car paint that comes along with the purchase. This way, they can have the bonus first-hand experience on how the self-cleaning technology comes to work.

5. Nissan's prototype will be initially tested in Europe. Japanese automaker will test the trademark technology at European Technical Centre at Cranfield, Bedfordshire, UK in the months to come. This technology might be available to Australia soon.

Watch the YouTube video of Nissan's first self-cleaning car below:

(Credit: YouTube/Nissan Europe)

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