Nirvana Plays Secret Reunion Gig in Brooklyn Bar After Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Performance

By @Ze_Charm on

Who could ever forget the iconic "Nevermind" album of Nirvana which brought us classics such as "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Lithium" and "Come As You Are." While the unfortunate fate of lead vocalist Kurt Cobain ended in a suicide, the band still continues to be one of the greatest rock bands in musical history.

That is why the pre-show buzz that circulated the recently concluded Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony held at Barclay Center involved Nirvana and their chosen front man for the performance in the prestigious ceremony. Many fans were speculating as to who the surviving members would choose to give a new rendition of their hit singles.

The surviving members of the band namely David Grohl (drummer) and Krist Novoselic instead chose a different course-instead of installing (for the mean time) other rock stars, the surviving members opted for women to sing their hit singles. Joan Jett was chosen to sing "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Annie Clark for "Saint Vincent" and teen singer Lorde for "All Apologies".

Turns out that the 90 minute performance of the surviving members of Nirvana was just a sneak peek to the band's reunion; according to NYPost, the members of the iconic rock band went to perform Nirvana classics in a "tiny metal bar in deepest, darkest  Greenpoint". The event was a very intimate and exclusive one, as more than just a total of 250 guests were able to bask in the glory of all-time favorite Nirvana.

Who knows the surviving members of the rock band Nirvana might just up the ante and choose to perform for a greater scope of audience. Despite the secret reunion gig the band had in a tiny Brooklyn bar, Nirvana purists have still reacted over their choice of four different women during their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Performance.

New members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hall and Oates, Linda Ronstadt (who was not able to grace the ceremony due to her Parkinson's disease) and KISS band. KISS was notably missing from the performance roll but gratuitously accepted the induction award.

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