Nintendo Wii U Hits Australian Stores on November 30

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About two weeks after its United States launch, the Nintendo Wii U will entice Australians on November 30 as the gadget finally hits the stores with a price of $349.95.

A deluxe version of the latest gaming console, with added features like 32GB memory, a charging stand and the "Nintendo Land" game, will also go on sale in Australia for $429.95.

In the United States, the Wii U was put up on sale last November 18 at a starting price of $300. Nintendo Wii U is the first major game console launched since the release of the original Wii back in 2006. The latest gadget comes with a new touch-screen controller that allows people have a different experience in playing games depending on the controller used.  

Nintendo Co. has been struggling in generating the console's enthusiasm for the Wii U. The gadget can also play games created for the original Wii with its touch-screen controller called Wii U Game Pad.

Nintendo stated that the latest game in its famous Mario franchise, "New Super Mario Bros U," will be available upon the release of the new Wii U. The game will also present new challenges for the advanced Mario players such as trying to complete a level without touching the ground. "Super Mario" and the other classic games has been Nintendo's major draw.

Another game available on the Wii U is Activision Blizzard Inc.'s "Call of Duty Black Ops II." The "Call of Duty" games have always been the holiday best-sellers for the past years.

Nintendo has already sold over 400,000 of the Wii U on its first week sale in the United States. As of Monday afternoon report, Best Buy Co.'s web site indicated a sold out of the new Wii U video game console.

Aside from the demand, the Wii U supply is also a crucial aspect at this point. Analyst Michael Pachter estimates that Nintendo will distribute 1 million to 1.5 million Wii U gadgets in the United States until the end of January 2013.

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