'Ninjago': Warner Bros. LEGO Movie Has Release Date, Fans React

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Following the success of "The LEGO Movie," (gross of $461 million worldwide) Warner Bros. is moving full steam ahead, on what it's calling "the LEGO brand's cinema universe". It has already set a date for yet another Lego-inspired film called "Ninjago" which is scheduled to be released on Sept 23, 2016.

"Ninjago "is an animated 3D action movie version of Lego's current line of sets, which uses elements from the previous Ninja series. This movie will treat Lego fans to an animated version of the Skeleton Army, the Stone Army, the Serpentine and the Nindroids. The movie is set in a unique world (named after the title), where it focuses on ninjas and samurai battle against Lord Gagmadon. It will also include senseis facing off against dragons and snake men according to Variety.

IGN reported that Charlie Bean, who helmed Disney's XD's "Tron:Uprising," and Carton Network's 'Robotboy," will direct the movie and it will be his directorial debut. Brothers Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman (who also helped write the story for "The LEGO Movie") will pen the "Ninjago" script. The Hageman brothers also wrote the "Ninjago" series for Cartoon Network's animated series "Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu".

Hollywood Reporter added that "The LEGO Movie" writer-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will be producing with Dan Lin and Roy Lee, who also produced "The LEGO Movie". Jill Wilfert, Seth Grahame-Smith, John Powers Middleton, James Packer and Steve Mnuchin are serving as executive producers for "Ninjago".

Deadline quoted Warner Bros. domestic distribution president, Dan Fellman, following the announcement of the release date.

"Following the huge success of The Lego Movie, we are very excited to build on the Lego franchise. We know there are already Ninjago collectors who can't wait to see their favourite characters on the big screen. This promises to be a terrifically fun and thrilling entry into our Fall 2016 slate, with broad audience appeal."

"Ninjago" will hit theatres before "The LEGO Movie 2," which the latter is scheduled to be released on May 26, 2017.

Below fans react to IGN's report on the release date of "Ninjago".

allmethedoctor --- "I died when I read, "Lego Cinematic Universe". I died and went to heaven. I'm VERY excited to see what they're going to do with this".

eth1023 --- "This may be good. "Ninjago" wasn't that bad as a show".

D_last_Dragon --- "This could be a bad idea to put this movie before Lego movie 2 comes out".

ryqar --- "Lego really let themselves go with all the licensing and TV show nonsense".

yorkshireboy --- "I thought it was going to be animated but it looked like stop motion.I couldnt get into it".

BishiBashi --- "Everything is awesome!"

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