Is Nina Dobrev Dating Co-Star in ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ Michael Trevino?

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Everyone loves, "Delena" but there are new reports that "The Vampire Diaries," star Nina Dobrev is dating co-star Michael Trevino.

How true are the rumors that the two are dating? Posted just recently on Nina Dobrev's social media site, Instagram, was a photo of her and Michael Trevino. The two were seen close together and just finished bowling. Fans are curious as to whether the two are dating each other.

It has been a few months since Nina Dobrev, Bulgarian Canadian actress, dated Ian Somerhalder. The two remain good friends and it seems that anything each does with their personal lives is okay with the other. Fans are now wondering if Nina Dobrev and Trevino would soon start dating or if they already are dating each other.

"The Vampire Diaries," has been signed up for Season 6 and we will surely be seeing more of "Delena" onscreen as Nina Dobrev had said that her character, Elena Gilbert and Ian's character, Damon Salvatorre will surely be going on a rollercoaster kind of relationship. The actress had also mentioned that their relationship is like "Fire," and we can't help but wonder if her and Trevino's relationship is that like that.

Do you think that two make a good couple?

They look good together in the Instagram picture that Nina posted on her Instagram account.

You can see the photo here: Nina Dobrev Instagram Account

We'd like to think that the two are dating and that Iam Somerhalder must be a bit jealous. Is this revenge by Nina Dobrev since Somerhalder had met up with his ex girlfriend as recently reported? Fans are suggesting that this may be the reason but who knows, Trevino and Dobrev do look good together and they are good friends as well.

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