Nina Dobrev on Coping after Ian Somerhalder's Character Damon Salvatore's Death in The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev Arrives at the 2014 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles
Actress Nina Dobrev arrives at the 2014 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California January 8, 2014.

Nina Dobrev has enjoyed a huge fan following for her role in hit sitcom "The Vampire Diaries." The 25-year-old good looking actress has revealed exclusive details about what will happen next to her character of Elena Gilbert in the upcoming season of her hit show "The Vampire Diaries."

The gorgeous actress, who has enjoyed great popularity for five seasons on the show, accepted the fact that the character of Elena is "complicated" to quite an extent as everyone she knows is dying. However, the actress revealed to Parade in a recent interview that she is looking forward to see how her character will cope-up with the loss and her life post her beau Damon Salvatore.

"I don't know. I'd like to see how she copes and deals with things post-Damon and see how she's going to be able to move on and if she'll have a normal life. Everything in Elena's life is complicated, it's never easy, everyone's dying around her," Dobrev revealed to the Web site.

When Nina, who even plays the character of Katherine, was asked who does she like the most and could relate to, her answer was surprising. Nina calls herself a combination of both and reveals that she has the characteristics of both the females.

Given a chance, which trait of the vampire Elena would Nina like to have in person, the interviewer asked her.

"Compelling. I'd like to be able to compel people. I'd like to be able to get everything I want and mind control everyone. 'Look into my eyes...' [Laughs]," the actress revealed.

The ultra stylish actress also revealed that she loves to work with her stylists on the look of both the characters and is quite passionate about it. The actress has also gotten a chance to unveil her comic side in "Let's Be Cops" and was asked about her experience on it. For Nina, it is easier to do drama than comedy.

"Comedy is probably a lot harder for me. Maybe it's because I've been doing drama for so long," the actress revealed to the Web site.

The sixth season of "The Vampire Diaries" will premiere on October 2. 

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