Nikki Ferrell Pregnant with Juan Pablo Galavis' Child: Couple Expecting to Start Family, Reports

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The winner of "Bachelor" season 18 Nikki Ferrell is rumoured to be pregnant with Juan Pablo Galavis's baby. In the season finale though Jaun Pablo did not propose to Ferrell it is being said that the two are all set to start a family together, reported Enstarz.

In the finale episode, Galavis gave a rose to Ferrell and told her the he "likes her a lot" but the two are reported to be still making up their mind to get engaged.

According to reports by Fashion and Style, the couple has been trying for a baby for a long time now.  The April issue of Life and Style (via Fashion and Style) had reported that Nikki is desperate to have a child.

"They're totally on the same page," said Elizabeth Carroll, the couples counselor to the magazine, adding "Both of them expressed they want more children, a big family."

However, people close to Nikki think that she should not rush into a relationship with Pablo.

"Nikki is expecting their relationship to progress like any healthy relationship would," said a source close to the couple. "But if Nikki got pregnant, Juan Pablo wouldn't exactly be over the moon."

Interestingly, there are other reports, which suggest that while Ferrell is totally ready for a relationship, Pablo is in a relationship with Ferrell because he wants to become rich and famous.

"Forget love. [Juan Pablo] wants to be rich and famous," said a friend close to Galavis, as reported by the Web site.

It is also being reported that Ferrel is not happy with Pablo's continuous partying and clubbing stating: "Let's just say J.P. should stick to soccer and dancing!"

To this Galavis had responded: "I'm not gonna say what you should stick to @Nikki_Ferrell #YouBetterBehave LOL."

Galavis already has a four-year-old-daughter Camila with an ex-girlfriend and there are some media outlets, which had reported that Pablo and Ferrell are faking their relationship.

"She works so hard and wasn't able to make it. I respect her so much for it. I'm with her every day!" says Galavis in a report by Fashion and Style, in spite of all the rumours.

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