Nicole Richie Depressed and Anorexic, Considering Divorce from Cheating Husband Joel Madden?

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The newest issue of Star magazine is claiming that Nicole Richie's perfect and smooth-sailing wedding with Joel Madden is a sham. Nicole Richie has recently claimed that there are no major conflicts between Joel Madden and her, just the little fights that married couples often have, especially when it comes to raising their kids. However, the magazine is claiming otherwise. In fact, Nicole Richie's marriage is so chaotic that she's very stressed about it. Joel Madden is nowhere to be found near his wife while Nicole Richie is breaking down because he's working in Australia. Working or not, he is also seen out and about, being spotted engaged in PDA with Bonnie McKee. As a result, she's depressed and anorexic, and this can affect how she handles being a mom. 

"After three years of marriage and two kids, husband Joel [Madden] hooks up with a hot redhead while Nicole starves herself," claimes the tabloid.

In addition, the tabloid is also claiming that Nicole is experiencing a "potentially deadly weight crisis" because of the emotional stress she's suffering why her husband is working in Australia. 

"Their marriage is hanging by a thread, and she's considering a divorce," says the mag. "The stress from her marriage has made Nicole lose her appetite. She's trying to stay strong for the kids, but she's been extremely down and cries all the time."

According to this week's Star magazine, body expert Alicia Hunter estimates that the petite 5ft 1in 32-year-old could be down to as little as 85lbs and consuming only around 600 calories per day. A normal person usually consumes around 2000 calories a day so this number is really too small.  Nicole Richie lost so much weight she is barely recognizable anymore.

"Nicole looked like a little boy! She appeared extremely unhealthy and malnourished. I was starstruck when I saw Cameron, but it took me a minute to figure out that she was with Nicole Richie," shares an eyewitness, while Nicole was out on a lunch date with Cameron Diaz.

"We've obviously gone back and forth because we did grow up so differently, and there are aspects about the way he was raised that I wish I'd had and vice versa. We just apply both of those ideas to our family," said Nicole Richie in recent interview.

Whether she is lying about this perfect family image remains a mystery.  

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