Nicole Richie Crawls On All Fours For Britney Spears On Stage [VIDEO]

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Nicole Richie was Britney Spears’ slave for a night. On Tuesday, long-time fan Nicole crawled on all fours on stage while the pop superstar walked her on a leash, all in the name of fun.

The former reality TV show star joined Britney at her Las Vegas residency show at Planet Hollywood, wherein she was given the chance to be part of the singer’s BDSM-esque performance of “Freak Show.”

Nicole couldn’t stop herself from laughing as she gamely crawled like a dog while Britney appeared to be walking her with a leash on stage. Spears then gave her famous superfan a big hug and an oversized t-shirt after their short walk.

Afterwards, Britney thanked Nicole on Twitter for being a good sport.

Nicole also shared photos on her Instagram account, one of which shows her and Britney sharing an embrace, which she captioned “#GOODBYE.”

Watch Nicole going on all fours for Britney here: Warning, the audio is messed up a bit. Better to lower down your volume while watching this.

Credit: Aline Iozzi

Nicole wasn’t the first celebrity who crawled for Britney on stage.

Mario Lopez and Lance Bass were also given the honour in December, both also receiving t-shirts in the end.

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