Nicole Murphy Publicly Announces Break up as Michael Strahan was Inducted to Hall of Fame, Split Reportedly Provoked by 'Proof' of Other Woman

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After five years of engagement, Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan had called their off their relationship. In a bizarre coincidence, the retired football player learned that the 46-year old beauty had publicly announced their break up just at the exact moment while he was inducted to Hall of Fame.

According to a report from TMZ, the Web site reported that Murphy first learned about Strahan's unfaithfulness in early July. She started investigating, finally got her proof on Friday and immediately went public. It turned out, Murphy was right in the middle of accepting his official Hall of Fame yellow blazer when he learned the news about the break up.

TMZ further reported that according to Strahan's camp the public announcement was vent to ruin the biggest moment of Strahan's career. But Murphy's side said that it was not the case. The break up announcement was just the very the same time when the model had obtained "proof" of Strahan's involvement with another woman. There was no mention though what proof she had obtained.

People Magazine had already reported the couple's break up on Aug. 1 which was a day before the induction ceremony. According to the report, Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan love each other but had found it hard to maintain the relationship with the work schedule and the distance.

Strahan was reportedly "blinded" when he learned the announcement that they will be breaking up for good. Oddly enough, the former NY Giants star opened his Hall of fame speech with the words: "This has been the best weekend of my life."

The 46-year old VH1 model was previously married to Eddie Murphy while the Strahan was viciously divorced from his second wife Jean Muggli.

The couple started dating in 2007 and early on Murphy shared to People Magazine about her hesitation to join again the dating pool. But the couple was equally smitten with each other. Murphy shared in 2008 that they both talk about everything. They also shared the same love for travel, laugh, and exploration.

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan were engaged in 2009 and have nine children between them. Throughout the five-year engagement, the couple had kept their personal lives private.

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