Nicole Murphy Dating Jim Jackson After Calling Off Five-Year Engagement with Michael Strahan - Reports

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Nicole Murphy seems to have found a new boyfriend. The socialite and reality TV star who recently split from her five -year- long fiancé Michael Strahan has moved on really fast with Jim Jackson as per the reports.

Jim and Nicole were spotted on a vacation with Jim in the starting of July and as per the onlookers the two were hugging and kissing and were quite affectionate reported TMZ.  It is understood that Nicole went on a vacation with two of her girlfriends but happened to bump into Jim.

"That [encounter] was a pure coincidence," a source connected to Nicole revealed to Hollywoodlife, adding, "It wasn't like she sat down and planned some romantic vacation with him. She didn't know he was going to be there."

The reports also claim that Nicole was not cheating on Michael, as she is not the kind of woman who would cheat.

"Nicole isn't the type of woman that would cheat if she's in a relationship, and besides, she and Michael weren't even connecting then. They have been off for a long time," the sources further told the Web site.

Meanwhile, as far as Nicole and Michael's relationship is concerned, it has been suggested that long distance played a major factor in their split. As per the rep's statement to People, the two loved each other but things did no work out between them due to busy schedules and distance.

Nicole and Michael got together in 2007 and decided to commit in 2009. Before getting engaged to Michael, Nicole was in a 13-year wedlock with actor Eddie Murphy. She has five children from Murphy while Michael has four children from his previous marriage. The two made sure to raise the kids together when they were a couple as per the reports.

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