Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Sing "Amazing Grace" to Children's Hospital [Watch YouTube Clip]

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Power couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban sang "Amazing Grace" in front of parents and patients during their visit to Monash Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia on Friday, June 13. Their impromptu session was captured in a video and uploaded to YouTube.

In the video, the Grammy-winning actor strummed the acoustic guitar and sung the song while sitting on a desk. The Oscar-winning actress stood a few feet away and joined in the singing session. At one point, the A-list couple did a duet and smiled at each other.

Their hospital visit was part of their endeavor in the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball hosted by the Celebrate Life Foundation. This was a yearly fundraising activity aimed to raise funds for the Monash Children's Hospital and the Sydney Children's Hospital.

According to an article from E! Online, celebrity couple donated the guitar they used in the "Amazing Grace" jamming session to the neonatal ward of the hospital. The guitar was signed "With love, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman."

The celebrity couple also chatted with the children patients and posed for pictures with overjoyed fans who gathered around them during the jamming session.

Talking about the children who are patients in the hospital, Kidman stated that it was deeply sad. "But events like the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball ensure that we are able to give to families in need. Even if it is just listening and hugging and showing support, then it's worth it," the actress stated.

The 46-year old actress had previously revealed to The Herald Sun that after her overflowing success in Hollywood, it was crucial to give back in the form of charity.

The "Grace of Monaco" star also played the role of a doting wife to Keith Urban aside from the couple's charitable works. According to an article from US Magazine, the 46-year old actress told  that she knew every word to every song of the Urban Hits. "The only thing I can't do is sing and play guitar... so that is a slight problem!" Nicole Kidman stated.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban will have their eight wedding anniversary on June 25. The A-list couple got married at Cardinal Ceretti Memorial Chapel in Sydney, Australia in 2006.

Watch Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban sing "Amazing Grace" to Children's Hospital on YouTube.

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