Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Celebrates 8th Wedding Anniversary Amid Divorce Claims

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Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban
Actress Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban arrive at the 2014 CMT Music Awards in Nashville Reuters

Hollywood A-list couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are no strangers for divorce rumours but despite all those nasty claims the couple is still going strong and recently celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. Urban who happens to be in Melbourne, Australia during their anniversary took a moment to wish his wife a happy wedding anniversary before serenading her from the stage.

"I sang this at our wedding eight years ago, I was too cheap to get someone else to sing it!" said the country crooner in front of his fans. "Eight years, baby girl. This song is for you. I love you so much." For fans who are still having doubts on whether the two are getting a divorce, the recent display of affection is proof enough that the couple is getting along just fine.

The "Cop Car" hitmaker even recalled the night when Nicole and him were talking about their future together before tying the knot in Australia in June 2005. He said that his wife was about the thought of marrying him and that night he showed nothing but empathy to her,  explaining to fans that getting married is a big leap of faith.

"Yeah, if he asked me. No question," said Kidman when she opened up about her family and revealed that she will leave Hollywood if her husband will asked her to. "I would [choose love] absolutely. I wouldn't even think twice about it. I think love is the core emotion and without that, and I've certainly existed without that in my life, it's a very empty life."

According to tabloid magazine who started the divorce rumours, the couple's marriage maybe heading to divorce since Urban did not accompany Kidman to the recent Cannes Film Festival. The actress got a lot of negative reviews from her movie "Grace of Monaco," and cancelled her appearance on BBC's Graham Norton Show because she's not feeling well.

"It's clear she didn't want to face questions about her marriage," an insider told Daily Star in an interview posted on Breathecast. "It seems she and Keith really are on shaky ground. Keith didn't appear to want to free up one day in his schedule to be with her in Cannes when she needed his support the most."

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