Nicki Minaj's Racy 'Anaconda' Picture Photoshopped by the Singer-Reports

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Nicki Minaj Accepts the Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist During the 2014 BET Awards
Nicki Minaj accepts the award for best female hip hop artist during the 2014 BET Awards in Los Angeles, California June 29, 2014. REUTERS

Nicki showed a lot more than usual on the cover of her recent album "Anaconda." The cover shows the artist sitting with her butt on display while she is wearing nothing but a thong. According to reports, Nicki Minaj's image on the album cover is the photo shopped one and it shows her assets in full glory.

However, much recently the original and non-photo shopped image of the singer appeared and as per the reports it is as beautiful as the edited image. The images were released by Media Takeout and it showed Nicki's real curves and her fresh face.

Previously Nicki took to Instagram to announce the push of release date of "Anaconda" from the original date July 28.

"My darlingz, I've pushed the release of Anaconda to next week, Monday 8/4. I promise you will understand why before the week is out. Loveeeeeeee uuuuuu," she wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Nicki's back side is getting a lot of attention from her fans and even Big Sean is lured by the racy cover.

"Now every time I perform it I'm a think of this,"  Big Sean wrote in social media Web site with a picture of Nicki's jaw-dropping backside.

As for Nicki's album, "Anaconda" would now release on August 4.  Meanwhile, Minaj's racy photo has given root to various funny memes. In the memes she has been featured in Lion King, on statue of liberty and in other ways.  Reportedly, the memes unsettled the singer.

"The Statue of Liberty tho yall? Praying yall find yall chill on this fine Sunday. I'm sad," Minaj wrote about the pics.

On the other hand, Nicki Minaj recently suggested during an award function that she writes her lyrics herself.

"But my point is, what I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is, that when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it," said Minaj while accepting the award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the BET Awards, as reported by Hollywoodlife.

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