Nicki Minaj in Another Wardrobe Malfunction, Shows Boobs in Bathing Suit for New Video [PHOTOS & VIDEO]


With her dangerous curves, it would be hard to keep everything all tucked in. Nicki Minaj suffers another wardrobe malfunction while filming another music video.

More than her music, she's known for her killer curves and her love for skimpy and revealing outfits. And on the behind-the-scenes footages that were released for her new music video "High School," Nicki Minaj got more that what she bargained for.

In the video, Nicki dipped into a jacuzzi wearing a cleavage baring lime green swimsuit. As she emerged from the pool, she encountered a nip slip moment. The footage had to be edited so that it would be "safe" for viewing.

But although she suffered another "oopsie," the singer didn't seem to mind. She ecstatically yelled at her crew and told them to get in the jacuzzi with her.

Nicki definitely showed her diva behavior throughout the clip, most especially when he asked her bodyguard to carry her around in set.

It is not the first time that Nicki encountered a nip slip moment, she famously flashed the crowd back in August 2011 while performing live in "Good Morning America." Apart from that, the 30-year-old American Idol judge accidentally bared her boobs during "The Re Up on BET" just recently in November of last year.

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