Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo Officially Dating [PHOTOS]

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Nick Jonas has officially broken the hearts of his female fans. Following the soccer game last weekend, Nick had a ball of a great time not only because of the games but of the presence of one lovely female in the crowd. Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas have been spotted smooching which is enough to confirm they are officially together.

The Jonas Brothers youngest brother, Nick Jonas, has been quite mum about his relationship status since his Disney days. Fans were surprised to know that Nick and Miley was a couple before he broke it off for Selena Gomez. While some claim Nick isn't completely over his two ex-girlfriends, there is strong evidence that he actually is.

Nick was spotted along with his brother, Joe Jonas at the Los Angeles soccer game last weekend. The two brothers' notable companions were their girlfriends. Joe Jonas was present at the soccer game with Blanda Eggenschwiler while Nick Jonas was with Olivia Culpo.

Rumours of Olivia Culpo first dating Nick Jonas came out after their meet at the Miss USA Pageant 2013. A few days after, Nick and Olivia were spotted grabbing dinner together at Ovest Pizzoteca in NYC.

"Nick was leaning in towards her across the table like she was saying something really important," said the source, adding, "They looked really happy when they walked together. Me and my friend both agreed they were, like, swinging their arms all happily."

While fans of Nick Jonas claimed this was a temporary affair, it looks like it isn't given Olivia was once again spotted with Nick over the weekend. The two were quite obvious with their PDA during the soccer game in LA. Olivia had even numbered her own shirt, "2" the same as Nick Jonas' shirt number. Onlookers also saw the two hugging and kissing.

This is enough to say that Nick and Olivia is officially a couple. "Niley" and "Nelena" fans can certainly stop their unnecessary shipping because Nick is happy and in love with his latest belle, Olivia Culpo. Check out the slideshow to see more of this cute couple.

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