Niall Horan's Celebrity Crushes: Kendall Jenner, Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez & More!


Harry Styles is slowly losing his mojo when it comes to charming women and One Direction pal Niall Horan is taking over the Casanova throne with so many lovely ladies linked to him. Although he never publicly admitted of dating one of them, it doesn't stop the Irish singer to tell the world that he is attracted to them.

The "Little Things" singer is always been open about his celebrity crushes since his X-Factor days. But even with his fame nowadays, Niall is still indecisive about who he'd like to date. But then again, who can blame him when he is surrounded with so many gorgeous ladies.

Here is the list of One Direction's Niall Horan celebrity crushes.

Kendall Jenner - The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star maybe linked to his best bud Harry Styles but it was Niall who spotted the brunette knockout first. He admitted on August 2013 that he has a massive crush on Kendall and told US magazine that he is in love with her eyes.

While allegedly dating Ellie Goulding, the singer is busy telling everyone that he is hoping to take Kim Kardashian's sister on a date because he can't stop thinking about her "nice" eyes. "She's so cute and I'm a sucker for nice eyes," says Niall in an interview with US Magazine.

Ellie Goulding - Back in August 2013, "Starry Eyed" hitmaker Ellie Goulding was linked to Niall when they were spotted snogging backstage at V Festival, while in The Kings Of Leon set. The snogging incident happened after Niall revealed on GQ Magazine that Ellie was "amazing looking."

Both parties denied the rumors about the V Festival snogging and told the press that they were just friends. "I don't know where that came from," says Ellie in an interview posted on Sugar Scape. "But he's awesome..."

Katy Perry - Yes, Niall has a thing for older women and he is not afraid to admit it. Not just older women but hot older women. The "Roar" singer shared a kiss with Niall in the award ceremony and hung out with the boys last summer in Japan.

The rumors about them intensified with Niall allegedly popped the question and tell whole wide world via Instagram that he is officially engaged. "It's all made up. I was doing an interview there and he happened to be there with someone else and I just said 'hello' - and that's how the Internet goes", Katy revealed to Capital FM.

Demi Lavato - Back in the days when Demi wasn't dating Wilmer Valderama, Niall got a crush on the former Disney star. The pair became close in 2012 that even Simon Cowell told Demi to refrain from breaking the Irish singer's heart. But after so much publicity about their budding friendship, Demi distanced herself from the singer.

"[We're] not really [in touch anymore]. Unfortunately, as sweet as he is, it's hard to maintain a friendship with somebody that you can't really hang out with, without people automatically assuming that you're dating," the "Skyscraper" singer revealed according to Now.

Selena Gomez - After her much publicized breakup with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez needs a breather and Niall is lending her a hand to move on. The two were spotted in London on Feb. 15 making out and just having a good time.

The "Live While We're Young" singer revealed last year that he is crushing on the Disney beauty but he was turned down because Selena was dating Justin at that time. But now that she is back in single town, Niall is ready to make his move.

"She is definitely [trying] to get back at Justin," according to an insider from In Touch magazine. "She made sure to amp up her sexy outfit since she knew he would see the photos."

 "They made out and had a great time," the source reveals. "She thinks he's sweet and a good guy ... She would go on another date with him."

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