Niall Horan Won’t Fully Commit to Selena Gomez because He Still Likes Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Palvin?

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The recent news that went viral all over the internet included the "Come and Get It" singer Selena Gomez and famous One Directioner Niall Horan going on a date in London. According to sources, the 20-year old One Directioner 'begged' songstress Taylor Swift to introduce the former Disney star to him. The One Directioner apparently took out Selena Gomez to Nando's in London, where they spent an hour talking about everything.

The hunky One Directioner has made his adoration for Selena Gomez loud. "Niall's always fancied Selena and he's made no secret of it", revealed a source about Niall's adulation for Selena. So when he went to Taylor's gig at the O2 London on 2 February he talked to her about setting them up," the source revealed on Heat. Taylor Swift has always had a hand in the love life of her longtime close friend, Selena Gomez; news emerged that Taylor Swift was also the one who introduced 17-year old Austin Mahone to Selena for a friendly date.

What do fans think about this Niall-Selena relationship?

Niall has just split from Barbara [Palvin] and Selena's trying to get over Justin [Bieber] so it's perfect timing... Niall's exactly the kind of guy [Selena] needs right now," explains heat's source. "He's so sweet, a total gentleman and 100 per cent not a player like Justin turned out to be." A close insider revealed further on Heat.

Meanwhile, despite these dating claims, Niall Horan is still not able to fully go out with Selena Gomez. The reason to this is reportedly that he is still conflicted with Victoria's Secret Model Barbara Palvin. The two started dating late last year. The relationship between the two soon fizzled out because of the distance between them-Niall Horan is based in London while the model is based in the U.S.

Could it be that Selena Gomez is just a major rebound for Niall Horan? According to reports, Selena Gomez is still in love with her ex Justin Bieber so they two are just in the same boat.

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