Niall Horan is Back to Dating Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Palvin: Is he trying to Make Selena Gomez Jealous?

By @Ze_Charm on

Looks like Niall Horan and the stunning Barbara Palvin gave love another chance when they were spotted together on March 4 during the concert of 5 Seconds of Summer in London. The two have previously dated, although no official claims were made by the young couple. Barbara and Niall have been pictured together on many occasions-the biggest one being New Year's Eve.

However, news came out that the One Directioner took the "Come and Get It" singer out on a date last Feb. 16. The two went out and grabbed something to eat at Nando's in London. According to sources, Selena and Niall even "made out a bit" during their Nando's date. Niall allegedly begged songstress Taylor Swift to set him and Selena on date.

The blossoming pair, however, made headlines when it was rumored that Selena Gomez was just using Niall Horan to make her ex-lover Justin Bieber jealous. True enough, Selena's ploy to make Bieber jealous succeeded as the Canadian pop star did not invite the "Come and Get It" singer to his 20th birthday bash.

It seems, however, that the tables have turned. Niall Horan is now back with Barbara Palvin in a possible attempt to make Selena Gomez jealous according to Justin Bieber and the leggy model Barbara previously went out on a date together during "The Lion King" show. The two met during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show where Barbara walked the runway and Bieber was a performer.

Niall and Barbara, however, have claimed that they were only friends. Could it be that Niall has eyes only for Selena Gomez?

In other news, Justin Bieber is trying to woo back Selena Gomez by showering her with flattering words. In an instagram post, Bieber posted a picture of Selena Gomez in her intricately embellished Emilio Pucci gown captioned "the most elegant princess in the world." Despite being pictured with countless scantily clad women, Bieber is obviously still in love with Selena Gomez.

Sadly, it's not the same for Selena Gomez. The former Disney star allegedly just laughed off the Instagram post, calling it, "stupid and childish." Selena Gomez is said to be using her rehab knowledge to not relapse back into a relationship with Justin Bieber.

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