NFL Preview and Live Stream: New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears

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Barely two years removed from their 2011 Super Bowl win, the New York Giants are in the doldrums. They finished the 2012 season 9-7 and missed the playoffs. In 2013, they are even worse: the Giants are 0-5, including a shutout 0-38 loss to the Carolina Panthers on the road. This year, 2013, marks their first 0-5 start since 1987 when the NFL season was hit by a strike.

The Chicago Bears are only slightly better, losing two straight after winning their first three games. They lost to the New Orleans Saints at home, 18-26, after a disastrous visit to the suddenly resurgent Detroit Lions, to whom they lost 32-40.

The Giants' chances of making it to the Super Bowl, to be played in MetLife Stadium, still rest on the shoulders of Eli Manning who has been struggling as of late. Manning threw for three interceptions against the bottom-dwelling Philadelphia Eagles and has a mediocre 65.8 passing rate. While Manning does share the blame, a large chunk of it also goes to the offensive line, who have managed just 56.8 rushing yards a game, worst in the NFL. David Wilson, who has the bulk of what little rushing the Giants have done, is also out for the game due to an injury.

The Bears, on the other hand, are not really known for their offense, despite a 3-0 start. Defense has been their hallmark this season, and when they lost, it was due to a lack of defense -- the Lions were able to score 40 points on them, while they failed to force a crucial turnover that would have turned the game around against the Saints. Their offense, though, is something to behold as Jay Cutler has evolved into a reliable wide receiver in lieu of Brandon Marshall.

Common sense tells the casual viewer to bet on the team with the better record. But something tells us that the Giants are due to get their first win of the season. If not, expect heads to roll when they come back from Soldier Field.

Watch the game LIVE here (10:25 AM AEDT): LINK 1 LINK 2 LINK 3

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