NFL News: QB Tony Romo Traded to Houston Texans; Dallas Cowboys Get First Overall Pick – A Complete Hoax Went Viral

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Dallas Cowboys fans received a stunning development on Thursday after learning that their team has reportedly traded quarterback Tony Romo to the Houston Texans for the first pick in the 2014 NFL Entry Draft.

A number of football fans voiced out their take on the Romo to Texans trade, with many of them rejoicing to finally see the Cowboys moving on from the Romo era while others expressed their dismay with the trade.

Several days ago, there are reports on the Cowboys looking to trade up for the chance to land a "younger version" of Tony Romo in former Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel. Ex-NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah believes Manziel possessed the same attributes and style of play Romo possessed, making him an attractive draft night target for the 'Boys.

"The Cowboys' signal-caller is bigger, but he and Manziel have similar skill sets and styles of play," wrote Jeremiah, a former scout for the Ravens, Browns and Eagles who is now an NFL Network analyst via Fan-Sided. "As passers, neither Manziel nor Romo have elite arm strength, but both can generate enough velocity to make every throw on the passing tree. Also, they can deliver the ball accurately from a variety of platforms and arm angles.

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Cowboys-Texans Trade?

Unfortunately for those who salivating for a new era for the Cowboys, Romo is apparently untouched and untraded as of tonight. Despite sitting out the all-important playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Romo still has the trust of the entire Cowboys management, including owner Jerry Jones.

Empire Sports, the same site that reported an alleged scuffle between Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin and Justin Bieber, has apparently struck again by writing a fabricated story that went viral again on various social networking sites in just hours after posting.

Here's an excerpt of the Hoax Cowboys-Texans Trade

Recently out Cowboys QB Tony Romo has just been traded to Texas rival Houston Texans for the #1 overall pick in this years NFL Draft. Romo who just recently came out to the public that he is gay with Cowboys teammate Jason Witten signed a major extension, but now, Romo is headed to a new part of Texas and to a completely new conference and division.

Houston, which is QB needy felt that Romo could be a better option for them now than a rookie or any man on their roster could be now and for the short future that Romo may still have in the NFL. Its unknown what the idea behind this is but Jerry Jones did hint that he liked a QB with his newly acquired  #1 Overall pick. We got to meet with Jones and get his reasoning behind this all:

As long as Jones considers Romo the man to lead them to Super Bowl contention, the possibility of him being traded remains dim. Sadly for Romo haters, the signal-caller is still in Big D, whether you like it or not.

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