NFL News: Lions QB Matthew Stafford Quickly Learning New Offense

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Quarterback Matthew Stafford is quickly learning the new offensive schemes being introduced by the Detroit Lions, according to offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi in an interview with Michigan Live on Thursday.

Lombardi said he was impressed to see Stafford pick up the plays at a remarkable phase, which is pretty much a sign of the quarterback's intelligence.

"He's really remarkably bright," Offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi said. "I've heard that he was a smart player, but the speed and ease with which he picks things up has even surprised me, and I had pretty high expectations coming in."

Though the team is still adjusting to the team new offensive philosophy, Stafford said he's optimistic he and his teammates will finally learn their way around the ropes before the pre-season begins.

"Listen, I know that these plays work," Stafford said in an interview. "I know that the offense that we're developing will work. (At this stage), it's more whether guys are lining up correctly."

Aside from the new plays, Stafford is currently undergoing training to improve his footwork. These drills are considered a scientific approach in order to increase his passing accuracy.

"(Quarterback coach) Jim Bob (Cooter) is working with him a lot, doing a lot of footwork drills and progression drills," Lombardi said. "Like most quarterbacks, when his feet are right, the passes are usually right."

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