Nexus 9 Still Under Development, Could Come Loaded With Android L

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A new Nexus tablet supposedly made by HTC did make some noise in the run up to the Google I/O event. However, the tablet did not find any mention in the nearly three hours that Google boffins spent to acquaint us with their future endeavors. CNET is claiming that a new Nexus tablet was never a part of the proceeding planned for the Google event though sources privy to them claim such a tablet does exist in HTC's future devices roadmap. It's still work in progress for the tablet and it's not known when it would be ready for a market splash. The site further mentioned that they are awaiting Google's comments on this while HTC has declined to comment.

The tech world was suddenly agog with reports of a new Nexus tablet being in the making. The rumor stories carried extensive details of the device, even down to the price that each version of the purported tablet would come for. There was an image of the tablet as well accompanying the rumors though experts were quick to blow a hole through it claiming it to look nothing more than an enlarged Nexus 5 smartphone.

Also, a Nexus 9 with its 8.9 inch display will be slam bang in iPad territory, the current segment leader. The rumor stories did mention some strong hardware qualities for the future Nexus though the real battle would be of the platform that each of these are based on. Also, it is here that the next Android version or Android L comes into the picture. A delay in the launch of the Nexus 9 only means of it having greater chances of featuring Android L right out of the gates. Google did reveal quite some details of the next Android iteration that does whet our appetite for further details.

Take for instance the Material Design concept that is going to be part of Android L. According to Engadget, this signifies a new approach to the way the icons, apps and such will be designed which includes creating a perception of depth, vertical space and motion. Of course there are more to the Android L than is meeting the eye right now. The notification panel is going to get a hefty makeover which will now be accessible from the home screen itself.

There are plenty more to the Android L so far and the prospect of it coming pre-loaded on the Nexus 9 does make us yearn for the device in flesh and blood. Let's just hope it comes along soon enough. 

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