Nexus 8 vs Nexus 7 2013: Is Upgrading to the New Nexus Tablet Worth Your Budget?

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Android fans are expecting Nexus 8 at Google I/O event to present the next generation OS version. But if you already own Nexus 7 2013 and eligible to get Android 4.5, should you upgrade to Nexus 8 tablet?

There are no confirmed details about the specifications of Nexus 8 and rumours strongly suggest Qualcomm's upcoming 64-bit processor models to be released as samples this year.

Display Quality

Display quality may be upgraded to 2K resolution just like with Galaxy Tab S 8.4. 2K display will definitely blow away the HD screen of Nexus 7 2013 in terms of a larger 8 inches diagonal screen size and more immersive viewing experience with videos.

Google is rumoured to use Qualcomm's upcoming 64-bit processor that support 2K display and 4K video recording.

Brand New OS

New Nexus means a new OS and the next generation Android may feature additional support for new processors, new graphics processing chips and virtual memory. On Android KitKat, Google extended more driver supports on various hardware components and added OpenGL ES 2.0 for the SurfaceFlinger.

Qualcomm's candidate processors for 2014 support OpenGL ES 3.1 and Adreno 430 GPU that boasts 30 per cent improved performance and 20 per cent less power consumption.

Smoother User Experience

If Google and Qualcomm succeed on installing 64-bit processor cores in Nexus 8, there are several improvements that all users will enjoy when using Android 4.5.

1.      Much faster compared to the processing speed of Nexus 7 2012 and 2013.

2.      Much better graphics support due to Qualcomm's optimisation plans.

3.      Capacity to use at least 4 GB of RAM chipset.

4.      Enables use of bigger internal storage drives such as 128 GB.

5.      Access to LTE-Advanced network mode.

4K Video

Nexus 8 may not get the 4K video recording support or slow-motion as it will affect the price if Google install high-class camera lenses. But users may enjoy watching them right on the Nexus 8 tablet or using the HDMI cable on larger screens. The 64-bit processor cores will do the trick to make 4K videos usable on Nexus 8:

-          Support on native 4K Ultra HD interface and video

-          OpenGL ES 3.1 support

-          Frame buffer compression and external 4K display support via HDMI1.4.

More Add-ons

Qualcomm's 64-bit processors are not only limited to performance, speed and display. There are several perks for any mobile device powered by Snapdragon 810 and 808.

1.      Multi-user version of Multiple Input Multiple Output Wi-Fi connectivity

2.      Bluetooth 4.1 support

3.      Qualcomm IZat for accurate location service

4.      Support on advanced mobile camera features such as enhanced exposure, white balance and fast low light focus

5.      Up to 300 Mbps speed using mobile data

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