Nexus 8 Tablet Shows up on Google-Tracking Website: What to Expect

By @peevesky on

Google's Nexus program has been a success for many years. The affordable price tag and premium features made the Nexus line as some of the best selling products to date. The same reason may be attributed to the hype around Google's nexus tablet, the Nexus 8. According to a Chrome bug-tracking website, the internet giant has been testing the Nexus 7 replacement already. 

The annual Google I/O Conference will be kicking off next month but despite the attention over the upcoming mobile operating system updates, details about the upcoming Nexus tablets have surfaced once more. 

According to tech site Myce, Chromium, a website focused on tracking Chrome browser bugs, noted that tech giant may be polishing the details about the new tablet. The website has a track record for tipping about upcoming services, produces and other features from Google. 

The listing does not give away as many details. Nonetheless, according to a report by CNET, people may get a whiff of something from the listing. At the end of the page, users can see the label ""google/volantis/flounder" below the build fingerprint. The label "flounder" hints Google testing a new Nexus product. 

How is that possible? CNET noted that the Nexus 10 came by the code "manta" for manta ray. The Nexus 5, on the other hand, came as the "hammerhead" like the hammerhead shark. If people will analyze the pattern then the name "flounder" follows Google's record. It may be a hint to an upcoming Nexus slate. 

The build fingerprint also suggests that Google has been using the software since May 6 according to Myce. If Google can work out the software and device within the month then it is possible for the company to provide more details during the Google I/O. CNET cited sources hinting production of an 8.9-inch slate around July or August. 

The internet giant has not many official announcements about the final details of the conference.

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