Nexus 8 Release Roundup: Qualcomm 64-Bit Processor, 3GB RAM and Android 4.5

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Google's Nexus 8 made headlines previously suggesting the company's interest on another tablet sector. However, there have been no specific leads until a device codenamed "Flounder" showed up on a developer website. Google has the affinity for naming upcoming tablets with sea creatures thus going along the company's tradition. More importantly, recent photos leaked suggest that the Nexus 8 is well on its way. Can Google make it in the 8-inch sector? 

Goolge's I/O is just a week away and there have been no solid links to its Nexus 8 until photos from Chinese website MyDrivers went online. According to the site, the photos reveal what the 8-inch tablet from Google will look like. The site stood confident about the photos uploaded stamping the images with the caption: "exclusive leaked 100% true." 

Nonetheless, BGR reported that the site has revealed leaks previously but they panned out. Consumers should take the leak with a grain of salt but must remain open that the photos could be the much awaited Nexus 8. The photos from MyDrivers reveal large icons on the display of the tablet. It is hard to see what the exact build of the slate it but it does give a good look at the interface.   

According to Design and Trend, the Nexus 8 has been the subject of the rumor mill for quite some time. The device will also reportedly sport a 64-bit processor. For those doubting if the device really exists, Myce reported about spotting the Nexus 8 under the codenames "Flounder" and "Volantis." The tablet reportedly came up between conversations among developers talking about the new NVIDIA Tegra system on chip (SoC) and 64-bit ARM processor. 

Google also hinted about the slate posting an image on the I/O website showing a person playing with the Racer game on a tablet. Many believe the tablet is the Nexus 8. Other reported specs include Android 4.5 Lollipop, 3GB RAM and 64-bit Qualcomm processor. 

Google has not released any official announcements thus the processor remains uncertain. The soonest announcement possible will be in this year's I/O event. 

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