Nexus 8 Release Imminent Spotted on Shipping Site with More Killer Features

By @peevesky on

Google's confirmation that it will not kill the Nexus 8 line revives attention over upcoming Nexus products like the Nexus 8. According to a recent sighting, the Nexus 8 will be released soon as it has been seen through an import site confirming shipment. More importantly, the device will sport a new dimension and improved components assuring people of the Nexus 8 recognized previously about the line. Can Google really deliver a killer device? 

Contrary to previous reports, the recent leak did not confirm the manufacturer of the tablet. Previously, it was reported that HTC has been tapped to create the slate for Google. The release of the Nexus 8 will also coincide with the official introduction of the Android L. Analysts also noted previously that Google may release a Nexus 9 tablet. Since the dimensions of the reported slate are 8.9 inches, analysts think that people should be open for either of the devices. 

The prototype was spotted under Zauba according to GSM Arena. It was listed as Nexus 8 prototype. 

Other reported specs of the device according to the Motley Fool include Snapdragon 610/615 offering a boost to the performance of the slate. According to the site, it is only logical as the previous Nexus 7 packed Snapdragon 600. People can rule out the Snapdragon 808 or 810 since these will not be released until 2015. There should also be a NVIDIA Tegra system 64-bit architecture in the works complete with a minimum of 4GB RAM. Google has not released any official announcement about the device yet. 

GSM Arena also reported that the device may come with an 8MP camera and 16 or 32GB internal memory. The camera will feature an optical image stabilization feature with the front shooting at 3 megapixels. According to analysts, Google will be offering the device at a cheaper price compared to the iPad Mini.

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