Nexus 8 Release Date, Google I/O, 5 Reasons New Android Tablet is in Shoppers' Gadget Watch

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The Google Nexus 8 release date is anticipated to coincide or be announced at the upcoming Google I/O 2014, which kicks off June 25. There are several reasons, albeit rumour-based, why this new Android tablet is making waves among those keeping a gadget watch. Here are some of the rumoured details.

5 Reasons the Google Nexus 8 Release Date Matters

5. Google upsizes from 7-inch beauty. The Google Nexus 7 2013 competes well with Apple iPad mini 2 or iPad mini with Retina display. Photo hobbyists and frequent Instagram users can rely on the screens of both devices to show the stunning colours of high quality images. The small mini's display is bigger in diagonal screen size by 0.9 inches, but in terms of pixels per inch, the difference is only 3 points. An 8-inch upgrade changes the game for the new Nexus tablet, which tickles the curiosity of Android device shoppers.

4. New Google device, new Android dessert. In blogs and other social media channels, reports on the new Android tablet Google Nexus 8 is associated to either "Flounder" or "Volantis." Rumours also note that a new Android iteration is underway, and it will be known as Android 4.5 Lollipop. (No more Jelly Bean. Goodbye, KitKat 4.4.3. Later, Key Lime Pie?)

3. Where to shop, where to sell. Trying the new Android iteration on the latest Google device is an exciting idea for many gadgeteers. Since rumours are rife that the Google Nexus 8 release date coincides with the Google I/O event in a week's time, many device owners are now planning on selling their existing device to get a new one. While at that, the hunt is on for the best place from which to buy the new Google tablet. Or, this may just be the perfect time for late adopters to snatch a Google 7 2013 for a much cheaper price.

2. Google Nexus 8 specs, price, design. Android rumours say a new NVIDIA Tegra system on chip (SoC), a 64-bit processor, and a 4GB RAM will be powering up the new Google Nexus 8. The Nexus 7 2013 is already a casual gamer's tablet, but specs upgrade are always welcome. As for the N8 price, it is expected to still be much cheaper than the latest Apple iPad mini (as were the original Nexus 7 and N7 2013). The Google Nexus pricing is one of the common factors in many Android shoppers' decision-buying process.

1. New is better. In gadgets, as in many other things life, there are users who believe, "New is always better." The Google Nexus 8, if released within Q2 or Q3 2014, will pull in the early adopters as its predecessors have done before.

As far as rumours go, the Google Nexus 8 device is very likely to hit the stores within 2014. Shoppers wait for the release date, as the calendar moves everyone closer to June 25, when Google I/O 2014 kicks off.

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